About Us

Park City’s Premier Property Management

Park City’s source for high-end property management, the Out of Town Butler has built a reputation for providing superior service to our family of client. In business since 1997, we have been managing and maintaining our own properties for more than 35 years. Clients can rest assured knowing we will treat their homes with the same respect, care, and attention to detail that we do our own.

Unlike other property management businesses, we don’t offer a limited checklist of services. Instead, we work side-by-side with homeowners, customizing unique service plans that meet their specific needs. If you need a property service not listed on our site, all you have to do is ask, and we’ll add it to our list.

Who Is Out of Town Butler?

Commitment to Quality Care

As long-time Park City residents, we recognize that Summit County is an amazing place to live and vacation. However, maintaining a home here can also be a great deal of work, especially if you don’t live in the area year round. At Out of Town Butler, we take our property management responsibilities very seriously. If something in your home is broken, leaking or otherwise in need of service, we will do everything we can to get the work done quickly and with little disruption to your daily life. You can rest assured knowing we’ll keep your home or vacation property in top condition, no matter what comes up.

Enhanced Availability

No one wants to hire a property management company that isn’t going to be around when you need it most. At the Out of Town Butler, we pledge to be there for your 24/7/365. From freak snowstorms to sudden furnace malfunctions, we handle it all with a smile.

Trusted Security

Recent events have highlighted the need for greater security in online transactions. In an effort to protect our customers’ privacy and personal information, we utilize the most state-of-the-art software systems for safeguarding personal data. Additionally, we take steps to ensure every contractor who works for us is licensed, bonded, and insured. After all, your home is your family’s sanctuary , and we want you to feel confident with who’s coming inside.

Greater Flexibility

The fact is that not all property maintenance companies are created equal. One of the benefits of working with Out of Town Butler is that we understand that clients aren’t all the same either. As a result, we customize our services to meet clients’ specific needs. Thanks to our unique “service by design” approach, property owners get to choose just how decide how they want us to manage their homes and yards.

Need a home service not listed on our site? Just give us a call. We promise to find a contractor with the skill and experience to make all your property maintenance dreams realities.

Our Property Management Services

  • Property Management 90%
  • Grocery Hopping Services 95%
  • Property Maintenance 100%
  • House Cleaning 85%
  • Yard Services 80%
  • Rental Maintenance 96%
  • Spa Services 93%
  • Airport Pickups 88%

Trust Out of Town Butler to Care for Your Property

At Out of Town Butler, Tami Andersen and her talented staff are ready whenever you are! Whether you need basis home maintenance, experienced management, or just someone to help out with the grocery shopping, we have the skill and resources to get the job done right the first time. For more information about our property management and maintenance services, call 435-640-7951 or contact our team online.